Un plaisir nomme fronsac


40 km north-east of Bordeaux and 5 km north-west of Libourne and the appellations Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, the vineyards of Fronsac are spread on rugged hillsides, plateaus and the famous "tertre de Fronsac". Our region is one of the most beautiful sites in Bordeaux.


The entire surface of the Fronsadais represents a total of 840 hectares of vines with the majority of predominant use of Merlot.


The AOC Fronsac wines produced are only red wines. The clay-limestone terroir of the appellation is a perfect basement for the development of future wines from Fronsac.


A word from Emmanuelle - 4th generation of the Bordeille family


 What is your conception of wine?




When we drink a wine that pleases us, which gives us an emotion. Then, we want to share it, to make that feel to other people. We talk a lot about food and wine pairings, but we forget people too often.

We choose a wine according to the people with whom we will share it. It's like giving a gift: it's chosen according to the person who will receive it. Most often, we drink wine with family, friends, during a meal, and these moments together contribute to "sublimate" the wine and the memory we will keep.


My conception of wine can be summarized as follows: Pleasure - Sharing - Conviviality.


Can you tell us about the contribution of generations at the Château Lambert ?


To make your own wine, it is important to know your terroir, your vineyard, what are the "best" plots, what are the most "delicate", the cultural history ... I am living this "story" since my childhood and my parents passed it on to me. I did not need the years to discover it.

But we must continue to move forward, evolve without revolutionizing. Let's look at what is happening elsewhere and make our own choices to reach our goal. It is a craft work in the noble sense of the term. A questioning every year because each vintage has its peculiarities. But it's done with heart. I am proud of each of our wines.


Why « Un plaisir nommé Fronsac » ?


This sentence comes from my parents and I adhere to it completely. We are proud to belong to the Fronsac appellation. This appellation today lacks notoriety, but for those who know it, is synonymous with "good" wines and "wines to keep". It is thanks to our terroir, our clay-limestone soils that we can make pleasant wines to drink after 2 years but with a rather long life.


To summarize, the wines of Château Lambert come from its terroir and traditional methods, to share in the conviviality.