Our Wines

The Bordeille family has always had the tradition of creating non-wooded vintages, which is why the Tradition cuvée is the historical cuvée of the property, reflecting its deep attachment to its values.


But in 2000, Emmanuelle decided to extend the palette of taste of Château Lambert. This is how the first vintage of the cuvee Spéciale Barrique is born.

WHAT ??? Wood at Château Lambert ?? !!


Emmanuelle is not iconoclastic, this cuvée Spéciale Barrique is perfectly balanced between fruit and wood, so that it is not omnipresent and therefore leaves the fruit express all its greed, in the purest tradition of the Château .


 In 2007, Emmanuelle decided to expand the range of the château by creating her first rosé. The "LL de Lambert" cuvée is born thanks to the 74 ares of Bordeaux of the property.



In 2015 the cuvée Exception is born and allows Château Lambert to offer a confidential wine, from a plot of old vines and produced in very small quantities: only 1000 bottles! And to make this wine even more exceptional, Emmanuelle decided to produce this wine … only in exceptional vintages.


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Tradition cuvée

Speciale Barrique cuvée

Les LL de Lambert

Exception de Lambert