Mystery CLUE 2019 - 11 ET 12 mAI

(Occasional event taking place once a year)


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Mr. Lambert, owner of Château Lambert, was kidnapped and trapped in New York by his treasurer Auguste, for having discovered that he smuggled Château wines for his own account. The lover of Mr. Lambert, the Château lawyer, went to New York to look for him. A search that brought her back to the point of departure. But what happened in New York for Mr. Lambert? Why does not she find him? Is he dead? Did he manage to escape? The lawyer, desperate, returns to Château Lambert, and calls on the best detectives to clear up the mystery. Come to solve the investigation on the 11th and 12th of MAY 2019 and FIND THE GUILTY !!


For one and half an hour, immerse yourself in the heart of the Château Lambert cellars in a family and friendly adventure to meet strange characters occupying the place for too long ...


After the game, you will taste Château Lambert wines and participate in a draw to win many prizes including: wine, a baptism balloon, a Wonderbox and many other gifts.


For this 2nd edition, we are going farther by offering you a nocturnal session in VIP style on May 10th at 8:00 pm.

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